When the house came down.


The demolition was scheduled a month after we received the permit. It is best to get on the calendar with a demolition company as most of them in Austin are extremely busy. If you have a contractor on board, then he will take care of this part.

Quick note:

  • As soon as the city releases the demo permit, you or your contractor should pick it up because you can and like us you are not caught by surprise that it had expired within 3 weeks of being granted!! (that was a glitch on the city’s part and none of them seem to have an explanation for it.)
  • Also, make sure the loan process and appraisal is complete as the lender will not let you demolish while they are evaluating the details- this can push your project back as well.



 While you are waiting for the Demolition permit, you can prepare yourself with these       5 steps:

  1. Contact Habitat for Humanity and recycle appliances and parts of the house that can be reused. 
  2. Make a trip to Goodwill.
  3. In Austin, you can relocate the entire house  to be repurposed somewhere else. There are agencies that will buy the home and take care of the demolition for you. This also comes with a tax credit. So look into the option and see if this is right for you.
  4. Get together with your contractor and see what elements of the old house can be reused and retained in the new house. We were able to keep the iron railings and some grill work along with shiplap siding behind the dry walls. Our contractor was able to reuse the electrical and plumbing fixtures for another project.
  5. Please insist that the demolition contractor (again if you have a contractor on board this should be taken care of) that all the root zones of the trees retained on the property are well protected with mulch and guarded. The city will penalize you if they see that the root zone has been damaged by the equipment on site. You can find more information on this at: https://austintexas.gov/page/tree-natural-area-preservation-codes

Finally, sit back and get ready to be amazed at how quickly a house can be turned into an empty plot of land!


The home is ready to take shape. What’s your story?