blog_imageI am Nitya the brown girl, interior designer, curator and collector at brown girl builds.

This is my story about building a home, moving with family, from the east to the west, making many stops along the way. After having moved with my family across the globe from India to Seattle, Chicago and now finally to Austin, we decided to build our own home and lay down roots in this great city. I am a fish and rice kind of girl now in a steak and taco kind of town.

Building a home is a mixed bag of triumphs, disappointments, unexpected surprises and many ‘a-ha’ moments. Brown Girl chronicles the balancing act of building ‘the’ dream home, exploring the city for inspiration and managing a family. I hope you will join me on this journey.

It is improper how much coffee I need to keep my creative motor running! so you will often find me at a cafe with my dog, looking for the next best thing to eat, or capturing well-designed spaces.