As this long weekend rolled in, I finally got around to completing what should not have been a multiyear project! I could make excuses but instead I am going to share my attempt of creating a glass mosaic piece for our home.

First, my inspiration- as always this lil guy is always my best muse and the splash of joy in any given moment.πŸ˜ƒ


The colors Β so vibrant and my collection of glass pieces so vast that I decided to go BIG- yup 2’X2’ feet big!πŸ˜‰

I put together this Pinterest board of glass mosaic inspiration to get a sense of scale and possibilities.

Here is a visual account of the mess and sweat that followed.






And finally..



Not bad eh?πŸ˜‰

A big shout out to my teacher Patty Franklin who very patiently saw me through this all and was my cheerleader as I slogged.

Here are my top 3 reference books that are really good to have on hand when starting off.

  1. 300+ Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets
  2. Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Mosaic (Search Press Classics)

All the best and if there is anything you can take from this post- DREAM BIG!




3 thoughts on “Handmade

  1. Patty Franklin says:

    Wow! Outstanding mosaic and blog!! I never would have thought to do white grout, but it’s perfect. Congratulations, Nitya, wish we were closer so we could work together. Keep it up, you have some wonderful talent. Best to you and your family,


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