We bought a house!


Let me tell you this- buying a home in Austin is a SPRINT. So tie those laces, grab that protein bar and read on to learn how we found our sweet spot.

As always to keep things exciting, (coz that’s how we roll 😉 ) we decided to buy a home remotely! As we were completely new to the Austin real estate landscape, the most important player in this had to be the Realtor to guide us and  look out for us in our search for a home that met all or most of our prerequisites.

And we found the best realtor out there, Leah Petri. She is the whole deal y’all.Professional relocation expert, likeable, extremely knowledgeable, and now a dear dear friend 🙂


So after soul searching, school searching, house hunting, 3 trips, bidding wars, myriads of lists, we finally found ‘the one’, and bought a home without even walking through it! (yup, remotely). The good news is Leah did, and we knew she would only find the best for us.

It all worked out and the house made the Walkscore mark as well 🙂

Thank you Leah. We could not have done this without you.

What’s your home buying story?

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